Ditch the Stove and Try Delmar Thai Sushi for Dinner


When it starts getting really warm outside the last thing you want to do is warm up the stove. Sometimes, after a hard day the last think you want to do is cook. Ditch the oven, head out to dinner. Looking for great Sushi? Try Delmar Thai Sushi for dinner. Healthy and delicious: Their Sushi rolls include crab sticks, salmon, tekka, tuna avocado, and … [Read more...]

Lose Your Spare Tire with These Free Weight Exercises

free weights

Staying in shape is important. We here at The Mansions know that. That is why our lovely community offers it's residents a fitness center. Make use of the fitness center and shed those extra pounds with a few great weight loss exercises. Here are three free weight exercises you can utilize today. The squat to over-head press: Stand hands at shoulder … [Read more...]

Show Off Your Inner Emeril With This Grill Recipe

Grill out with these great recipes | Source cookinglight.com

With warmer weather on the horizon it is time to get out those grilling tools and take advantage of our community's grills. Have your friends and family over for some great BBQ dishes. You can show off your inner Emeril with this great grill recipes. Barbecue Chicken Sliders with Pickled Onions. This recipe is all about the grilled chicken thighs and … [Read more...]

Use These Tips Next Time you Take Your Pooch Out on a Run

Get the most out of exercising your dog | Source Pixabay

Having a companion can make it that much easier for you to keep up your exercise routine, particularly if your companion happens to be your dog. Use these tips next time you run with your dog out on the jogging paths situated close to our apartments. Like humans, dogs need to build up over time when it comes to running. Neglect in this regard … [Read more...]

Laugh Out Loud at the Comedy Works Underground

Come to Comedy Works for a good laugh | Source Facebook

Delmar is located close to Albany, meaning that our residents have convenient access to all of the opportunities that can be found in said city. This includes entertainment such as The Comedy Works Underground, which can be found at the Legislative Office Building at 500 Northern Blvd. Like its name says, The Comedy Works Underground is a chance for … [Read more...]

Get Into Shape This Spring With These Great Fitness Tips

Here are some fantastic fitness tips for everyone here at your Delmar apartments.  Source: Pixabay

Living at The Mansions means having convenient access to a whole host of amenities for regular exercise, with examples ranging from an on-site fitness center to a jogging path and a two-lane lap pool. However, that isn't enough to ensure success when it comes to staying fit. Please use these fitness tips for staying fit: Finding someone to work out … [Read more...]

Looking for Great Food With a Middle Eastern Flair? Head to Hidden Cafe!

Hidden Cafe boasts some of the tastiest Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine found near your Delmar apartments.  Source: Yelp

Whether you're planning a date night or just looking for a place to enjoy a meal with some friends, Hidden Cafe is an excellent choice. They offer a comfortable atmosphere, exceptional service, and a great menu with Mediterranean and¬†Middle Eastern classics. As an appetizer, try ordering the falafel. Each order comes with three croquettes, along with a … [Read more...]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Here are several of the health benefits you get from enjoying your daily cup of coffee.  Source: morgueFile

Just about everyone drinks coffee. Did you know that while you get your fix, there are actually health benefits to that cup of Joe? These are only 5 of the many health benefits of coffee. There are essential nutrients in coffee.¬† The coffee beans are full of nutrients especially Riboflavin, Manganese and Potassium, and Pantothenic Acid. The caffeine … [Read more...]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Stewart’s Shops

Stewart's Shops boasts an array of tasty ice cream, and more! Source: Facebook

Are you in the mood for some ice cream? Get something from a place that not only has great ice cream in Delmar, but other goodies. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at Stewart's Shops. At Stewart's Shops you will find fresh ingredients and many flavors. What will you get to satisfy that sweet tooth? You will find that you can make your own sundaes, banana … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of Our Community Fitness Center

Here are some exercise tips to help you make the most of the fantastic fitness center here at your Delmar apartments.  Source: morgueFile

You can take advantage of our community fitness center, there is no need to run out to a gym for a quick calorie burn session. A fast burn session can be just as effective as take an hour for a regular session. Here are a few workout tips for you to take with you to our fitness center. Focus on your core. Your core is very important. Be sure to focus on … [Read more...]