Holiday Breakfast Ideas

Looking to whip-up something special for breakfast during the holiday? Consider these tasty recipes! Source: CrunchyCreamySweet

The holidays are here and its time to kick up the meals a notch. Almost everyone enjoys cooking more now that the weather is cooler outside. Fire up that stove or heat up that oven! There are many delicious holiday recipes for you to try out. Here are a few great breakfast recipes to get you started. Breakfast Skillet Casserole. If you are looking for a … [Read more...]

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas For Your Delmar Apartment

Here are some DIY instructions for anyone who wants to make their own holiday centerpiece for this Thanksgiving.  Source: CountryLiving

Do you want to get your apartment feeling festive for the holiday season? Start with your table and the centerpiece. You can include some of these holiday ideas in your apartment decor. The pumpkin message. Use fake pumpkins and chipboard letters. Paint your pumpkin the desired color and hot glue a fall message onto it. You can even hot glue on a few … [Read more...]

Try These Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Here are some kid-friendly ideas for Thanksgiving Day recipes.  Source: morgueFile

Kids aren’t exactly known for their desire to try new foods. In fact, most kids just won’t eat their broccoli or carrots – or whatever foods they just don’t like. If it were up to the kids, they would probably just eat a little turkey and the go right to the sweets. However, there are some kid-friendly recipes that you can prepare this year to make … [Read more...]

Order a Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go From The Desmond

If you don't feel like cooking up a Thanksgiving dinner this year, then consider ordering one from The Desmond.  Source: Facebook

The Desmond is known as one of the best restaurants in Albany, and you know they’re going to prepare a spectacular Thanksgiving feast for their guests. However, if you’re having your own family or friends dinner and want to stay at home without doing all the cooking, you can get a dinner to-go from The Desmond. You’ll have more time to spend with … [Read more...]

Register for the 67th annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day

Work up an appetite with some exercise at the 67th annual Turkey Trot! Source: Facebook

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family, but if you’re like many families, you don’t want to just sit home the whole holiday season in front of the TV. If you’re ready to get outside and do something a bit more active this holiday, make plans to take part in the Troy Turkey Trot now. It is fun that the whole family can enjoy, and you’ll get … [Read more...]

Love Brunch? Head to Cafe Madison in Albany

Cafe Madison boasts some of the tastiest sandwiches, crepes, and the like found near your Delmar luxury apartment community.  Source: Facebook

If you are looking for a great spot for brunch, there is a restaurant near Delmar NY you must check out. Head over to Cafe Madison on the weekends for great brunch experience. Cafe Madison is known for its award winning brunch. The menu. They have omelettes & frittatas that are served with home fries and toast. There are other great items such as … [Read more...]

3 Creative Ways to Use Over-the-Door Shoe Holders

Here are some alternative uses for over-the-door shoe holders in your Delmar luxury apartment.  Source: Houzz

Organization in any space is key, especially in an apartment. One great addition in apartment living tips is the use of over-the-door shoe holders. There are many different and creative ways to use these shoe holders, here are three: First Aid kit in the closet.  You can use a shoe organizer with the pockets for a place to store all your first aid … [Read more...]

3 Pumpkin Desserts to Try This Fall

Here are just three tasty recipes that highlight the pumpkin flavor as a dessert treat. Source: morgueFile

These fall living tips for recipes are sure to get your mouth watering! Try using pumpkin in some of your desserts. Pumpkin is the most popular and well-known taste of not only Halloween, but all of Fall. Here are just three of many different recipes that you can find that highlight the pumpkin flavor as a dessert treat. Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats. … [Read more...]

Check Out These Fun DIY Fall Pumpkin Decorations

Here is a fun DIY fall pumpkin decor idea for your Delmar apartment! Source: morgueFile

There are lots of fun fall living tips that you can use to help get your home feeling festive for the season. Check out this fun DIY fall decoration idea. Make pumpkins with just a few items. TP Pumpkin Rolls. These fun fall TP pumpkins are cute and simple to construct. They can be any color or patterns you wish. The best part is, they don't rot and you … [Read more...]

Have a Night of Spooky Fun at the Haunted Capitol Tour

The Haunted Capitol Tour is a terrific way to explore the "supernatural" side of Albany.  Source: morgueFile

If you are looking for things to do in Albany, then there is a great tour you can plan. You can have a spooky fun night at the Haunted Capitol Tour. Tours begin on the first floor of the Capitol at the Senate Staircase. About the Haunted Capitol Tour. You will take a special tour of the New York State capitol. You can check their schedule for dates and … [Read more...]