Take a Hike This Summer at Thacher State Park

Thacher State park

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking near Albany. Whether you love to hike, want to get some fresh air, or get fit, it doesn't matter because the trails are the prefect place to go for any outdoor activity. This summer, get out of the apartment for a bit and enjoy a hike at Thacher State Park. Hiking through the park. There are miles of hiking … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Windex Around Your Apartment

Creative windex uses

We have many great apartment living tips for all of our residents. One we have learned about and would like to share with you includes creative uses for Windex. It's not just a glass cleaner, there are other ways you can use it around your apartment too! Add shine to any surface. Just spray and quickly wipe with a rag. It can actually be used on most … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean for Longer


The kitchen is generally the most used space in the home, making it the toughest to keep clean. Don't spend unnecessary time cleaning. Here are a few apartment living tips about keeping the kitchen clean for longer: Keep countertops clear. Don't overcrowd your countertops -- it ends up looking messy or cluttered. Plus it adds more for you to wipe off … [Read more...]

Blackout Curtain Ideas to Promote Better Sleep

blackout curtain

You see so many apartment living tips for helping improve your space. How about a tip that will help you sleep better? Blackout curtains are a great idea for the bedrooms because they block the light from entering the room and they provide you with privacy. That all helps in promoting better sleep. Even at night they help by blocking street lighting and … [Read more...]

Learn Some Local History at the New York State Museum

NYS museum

We love to give our residents all kinds of tips about apartment living, places to eat, local events, and things to do in Albany. You can always find something that you will enjoy close to our lovely community. Would you like to learn about some of our local history? Then you will want to visit the New York State Museum. Learn local history from the … [Read more...]

Roommate Tips: Deciding Who Gets Which Room

roommate living tips

No matter where you go, one room is always more appealing. Factors such as size, closet space, windows and view, and location to common areas all make a difference. So how do you decide who gets what room when you live with a roommate? These are a few possible ways on how to pick rooms when living with a roommate. Who pays more rent? In some cases … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Summer Weather at Washington Park

washington park

Our lovely community is in the perfect spot for our residents to find plenty of things to do in Albany. Now that summer is here you will want to take advantage of the weather and head outside. A great place to do so is at Washington Park. The park takes up a huge 88 acre space and consists of these great things for everyone to enjoy: Tennis … [Read more...]

Want to Eat Healthy? Shop at Delmar Farmer’s Market

delmar farmers market

It's always a great choice to eat healthy, and picking foods that are fresh and organic are great ways to eat healthy. The Farmer's Market in Delmar is the perfect place to find fresh veggies, fruits, and baked goods. If you want to eat healthy, head out and do your shopping at the Farmer's Market. Lots of great vendors. The Farmer's Market features … [Read more...]

Grab a Bite at 333 Cafe

333 cafe in Delmar

There are many restaurants in Delmar to choose from: anything from casual dining to fine dining. If you love getting out and trying the local restaurants, different foods, and tasting varieties of drinks then one restaurant you may want to check off your list is 333 Cafe. The fine menu. You can start your meal off with delights such as oysters, crab … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Alive at Five 2014 Concert Series

alive at five in albany

All of you music lovers at The Mansions at Delmar won't want to miss this. There are plenty of live music events in Albany, and if you love concerts, then don't miss the Alive at Five 2014 concert series. Alive at 5. This event has been happening in downtown Albany every summer for the last 25 years. It brings together the community to enjoy the … [Read more...]